One of the most effective means of communicating your vision to voters is through television, radio, and newspaper. One of the principles ingrained in the Ferguson & Associates corporate culture is to be mindful the ever-escalating costs of running a campaign for public office. This means that a candidate’s multimedia and direct mail campaign must be EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT, AND EMPIRICAL.

The goal of any media campaign is to point out unique qualities of the candidate, memorable and unique selling proposition that allows the candidate to stand out in a crowd of multiple candidates seeking multiple offices.

Ferguson & Associates uses internal staff as well as outside vendors to produce high quality commercials using effective voiceovers for narration, graphics for animation, superior script writing and stock footage where needed. All radio and television commercials are digitally produced for higher quality, quicker turnaround, and maximum portability.

The production of your campaign’s television, radio, and newspaper advertisements will maintain your campaign brand and unique selling propositions throughout the series.

Our effective script writing and quality direction of actors involved in commercials, as well as media placement that finds the best deals for your money, will give you the advantage on Election Day.