Direct Mail is the classic way to contact known voters. At Ferguson & Associates, our corporate philosophy regarding direct mail is that every piece that we develop must be Effective, Efficient, and Empirical.

A few examples of the direct mail strategy services we provide are:

  • Voter Introduction
  • Issue Based Mailers (Jobs, Education, Ethics, etc.)
  • Endorsement Pieces
  • Rapid Response
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

Our in-house graphic designers and consultants will develop a comprehensive mail strategy based on the issues that our empirical research and polling show will move voters’ attitudes.

We have a history of using tasteful, dynamic, and high quality designs that will catch the attention of the voter and result in a successful campaign for public office.

At Ferguson & Associates, we have negotiated bulk volume discounts on postage and printing for our clients. Because campaigns are so expensive, we do our best to be conscious of the ever-escalating costs of running a political campaign.

We also have experience micro-targeting known voters based on geographic circumstances or issues important to subsets of voters. In most instances, our technology allows for pieces to be personalized to the individual household or voter.

For all of our mailers, especially issue-based mailers, the content of the pieces are integrated and developed based on benchmark polling and periodic surveys.

An effective direct mail campaign that provides quality design with strategic targeting based on empirical evidence that is delivered efficiently can definitely make the difference between winning and losing.