At Ferguson & Associates, our goal is to help you amplify the vision you have for your campaign, business, or organization.

We provide customized solutions that allow your campaign to be run on a limited amount of time and resources. This will allow your specific audience an opportunity to get to know what is most important to your shared interests.

According to the Washington Post, as Campaign Manager for Dr. Robert Bentley’s primary bid for Governor of Alabama, Ferguson spent $11.52 per vote, while the opposing campaigns for Bradley Byrne spent $34.42 per vote and Tim James spent $35.43 per vote, respectively.

When resources are limited, effective communications are a key driver of success.

Some of the communications services we provide are:

  • Polling, Surveys, and Message Development
  • Constituent Communications
  • Media Relations, Copy Writing, and op-ed placement
  • E-Mail marketing, social media, websites, and digital advertising
  • Media production and placement
  • Professional photography
  • Membership and guest benefits of the National Press Club.
  • Graphic design and promotional products

Our goal is not to mold a person or group, but to effectively articulate the voice of the candidate or organization.

At Ferguson & Associates, we are committed to your success and delivering your message directly to your target audience.