Strategic relationships are a critical element of building a successful campaign.

As a candidate, your campaign will need to find a winning combination of voters who will show up to the polls on Election Day. As an organization, often times, your vision and goals will require you to work with both like-minded and non-traditional allies.

As Director of Coalitions for Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, David Ferguson managed external affairs and outreach with members of the conservative movement to further cooperation on Freedom Partners’ primary issue areas: freedom of speech, health care reform, federal spending reform, energy policy, and opposing cronyism.

Our Associates regularly engage members of the conservative movement to advance issues, build relationships, and further cooperation in the arena of public policy.

For example, we attend meetings and conferences such as: Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority Conference, the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting, Republican National Convention, State Policy Network, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Western Conservative Summit, Red State Gathering, Family Research Council’s Value Voter Summit, Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, and Americans for Prosperity’s Defending the American Dream Summit.
The team participates in numerous working groups on issues such as labor, taxes, and the economy. We have also participated with hundreds of organizations and campaigns within the conservative movement in our coalition efforts.

Relationships are the key factor in building coalitions. Ferguson & Associates has worked in 46 states and Washington, DC and has the relationships necessary to help further the agenda for your campaign, organization, or trade association.

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