Ferguson & Associates is a strategic communications and general consulting firm that works with political campaigns, small businesses, educational non-profits, and other organizations. Our team focuses on four areas of expertise: grassroots, communications, fundraising, and coalitions.

David Ferguson – President
David Ferguson is a Republican strategist based in Washington, DC. He has served as the Director of Coalitions at Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, National Field Director at the Faith & Freedom Coalition, Executive Director of the Maryland Republican Party, Campaign Manager for the former Governor of Alabama, Dr. Robert J. Bentley, and Campaign Manager to members of the Alabama and Virginia Legislatures.

Ferguson and his team have done work in 46 states and Washington, DC. He has been featured on Fox News, CNN, RT, and MSNBC and has been seen in the Washington Post, Washington Times, Politico, Baltimore Sun, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

He is an avid college football fan, an Eagle Scout, and a graduate of the University of Alabama’s College of Commerce and Business Administration.

David is married to his lovely wife Rebecca.

(David Ferguson)

Jon Harbison – Southeast Regional Vice President

Jon Harbison has experience in both the political and private sectors.  Within two years of his graduation from The University of Alabama, Mr. Harbison created All-Star Medical LLC in Albertville, Alabama.  He later sold the business to his partners.

Mr. Harbison also helped manage his family’s construction business before returning to the medical equipment industry. From 2002 until 2012, Jon volunteered, consulted, and worked tirelessly on numerous political campaigns across Alabama.  He most notably served as the Tennessee Valley Regional Coordinator for Dr. Robert Bentley for Governor in 2010.

In 2014, Mr. Harbison joined the Faith and Freedom Coalition as the Deputy National Field Director. During the 2014 election cycle, FFC conducted the largest GOTV effort ever directed to faith-based voters in a mid-term with over 102 million voter contacts.

Mr. Harbison was promoted to National Field Director of the Faith and Freedom Coalition in November of 2015. His duties included serving as the lead advance director for seven major FFC events with presidential candidates and the Republican vice presidential nominee.

During the 2016 election cycle Mr. Harbison lead a team of over 250 paid staff in nine states in the largest faith-based door-to-door Voter Education programs in the country.  He also oversaw a wide scale direct mail program, church network voter education program, and a live operator and auto dial phone program.

While speaking to members of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, President Trump discussed the political program that Jon managed in 2016. The President said, “Wow, did you deliver! You really did. Last year, you knocked on more than one point two million doors in the key battleground states… You sent twenty- two million pieces of mail, shared sixteen million videos, and made ten million phone calls.  That’s something…You didn’t let me down, and I will never, ever let you down.”

This program led to the largest turn out of conservative, Christian voters in the modern era.

Mr. Harbison and his family reside outside of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

(Jon Harbison)

Jon Hotaling –  Chief Operating Officer, Regional Vice President of the Mountain West

Jon Hotaling was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado and graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with degrees in Finance and Economics. He is considered one of the foremost political consultants west of the Mississippi River and has helped elect over 40 conservative Republicans to state and federal office.

His earliest work began with the Republican National Committee and the National Right to Work Committee, Campaign for Liberty, Tea Party Express, Americans for Job Security, Christian Coalition of Colorado, Faith & Freedom Coalition of Colorado, and many other conservative candidates, limited-government lobbying organizations and independent expenditure committees.

Mr. Hotaling resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife and daughter. They attend Fellowship of the Rockies Christian church. Jon is an avid hunter, fisherman, skier, rock climber, chess player, and student of the Bible who spends his free time somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

(Jon Hotaling)

Bob Thompson – Regional Vice President of the Mid-Atlantic and Washington, DC

Mr. Thompson has 30 years of experience in National conservative politics in Washington, D.C., working in coalition and grassroots development, fundraising and political organizing over the years.

Most recently from 1999 – 2016 he worked for the highly regarded Weyrich Lunch meeting where more than 75 conservative public policy organizations participate on a weekly basis to advance conservative principles and legislation.  He organized more than 650 Weyrich lunch meetings planning the weekly agenda and working with key Congressional Members, Congressional Leadership and outside organizations to advance important public policy issues.

From 1999 – 2009, Mr. Thompson served as Vice President of Coalitions for America, a grassroots 501 c4 lobbying organization based in Washington, D. C.  As Vice President, Mr. Thompson was responsible for the daily activities of the organization, including two major coalitions meetings, Family Forum and the Stanton coalition.  In addition, Mr. Thompson worked on various lobbying projects for Coalitions for America and he regularly participated in weekly strategy meetings with outside public policy groups and Congressional Leadership.

For 24 years (from 1989 – 1996 and again from 1999 to 2016) Mr. Thompson worked for the Free Congress Foundation in numerous capacities including most recently as the Director of Development and Coalition Outreach where he developed close relationships with key funding foundations and individual donors, as well as maintained key relationship with outside conservative organizations.

In the early 1990’s Mr. Thompson was involved with the Krieble Institute of the Free Congress Foundation where from 1994 – 1996 he served as Vice President and Director of Political Programs.  The Krieble Institute was the first United States organization to bring political training, business development and Understanding Democracy training to the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Mr. Thompson also served from 1993-1994 as the Director of Special Projects for National Empowerment Television (NET) which was the first major conservative television station in the country.  He organized two TV telethons, a seven part series on the 1994 mid-term elections and the first election night coverage in 1994.

From 1989 – 1994 Mr. Thompson served as the Director of the Center for Conservative Governance for the Free Congress Foundation.  In this capacity he managed all aspects of the Good Governance political training seminars organizing over 100 national grassroots seminars and coalition leadership training seminars in Washington, D.C. and throughout the United States, training over 5,000 people including 60 Coalition leaders.

Mr. Thompson started his Washington career 30 years ago on Capitol Hill working for the House Republican Study Committee (RSC) from 1987 – 1988.

Mr. Thompson graduated in 1984 from Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota, with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.  He is the father of four daughters and he and his wife, Shelly, reside in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

(Bob Thompson)